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Hollis Allen, Founder of Cornerstone Civil Engineering

Started in 2021 on the heels of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Cornerstone Civil Engineering provides cost effective solutions in a highly collaborative environment where client needs are met with experience and integrity.

Founder and Principal Hollis Allen has been around the civil engineering industry since 1991 when he started as a technician in Oklahoma City. Once settled on his path, he worked his way through engineering school with the help of his wife, Lisa. Working as a CAD technician through college allowed him to see real time application of the classroom knowledge he was gaining at the University of Arkansas.

Having finished coursework in December of 1997, Hollis began as an engineering intern in Tulsa, OK on January 2, 1998. Since then he has contributed to four firms, spending almost 13 years in his last position. As a Professional Engineer since 2002, Hollis has been involved in hundreds of projects ranging from an ATM expansion to a 66-acre multi-use facility. He has served in local and state levels of the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Oklahoma Engineering Foundation, the Tulsa Engineering Foundation, and ACEC Oklahoma, where he currently serves as Past-Chair of the Board of Directors.

Focused on client service, stewardship, and cost-effective solutions, Cornerstone Civil Engineering builds on the foundation of treating others the way you want to be treated.

No project is too big or too small.


Small Commercial (< 5 acres)

Fast Casual Restaurants

Branch Banks

Office and Retail

Parking Improvements


Building Expansions

Large Commercial (> 5 acres)



Event Centers


Multi-Family Apartments

Mixed Use

Multi-Family and Commercial


Pre-K & Elementary Expansion

Pre-K & Elementary New Facilities

Multi-Use Buildings


Manufacturing Expansion

Manufacturing Facility

Special Applications




Grade, Pave, and Drain

Higher Education

Performing Arts Centers

Student Unions

Police/Call Centers


Medical Office Buildings

Clinic/Urgent Care Facilities

Hospital Expansion & Improvements

Surgery Center Expansions

Energy Sector

Processing Plants

Research Center



Pavement Analysis

Complete Street Rehabilitation

Collector and Arterial Widening

Waterline Replacement

Sanitary Sewer Design


Grade, Pave, and Drain

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