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Once in construction, Cornerstone can provide on-site observation as often as needed or as little as desired. Minimal activities include two site visits; once before pavement subgrade is being installed and once near the end of the project to assist the owner with site punch list closeout.


Once the contractor is given approval from the jurisdiction and owner to begin work, the civil engineer of record is often required to confirm that the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) has been followed and that the Best Management Practices (BMP) have been successfully installed/implemented prior to ground disturbing activities.  This is to assist the owner, as well as the jurisdictional authority, with proper sediment controls on the construction site.

Routine Observations

As construction continues, Routine Observations may be required to verify that the construction documents are being followed as desired.

Request For Information & 
Addenda Assistance

At any point between bidding and the end of construction, the contract may submit a Request For Information (RFI) which may lead to a formal revision of the construction documents which is released as an Addendum.  The civil engineer works with the contractor(s), owner, and design team to provide the needed information to keep construction progressing and minimize lost time.

Punchlist Report

As the construction nears completion, or substantial completion, the civil engineer will prepare a Punchlist Report which outlines any observed deficiencies in the work products under his responsibility.  This is provided to the owner, design team, and contractor so that the final product is in agreement with the plans and specifications of the project.

Record Drawings

On most municipal projects, and some private projects, Record Drawings are required to be submitted at the end of construction.  During construction, the contractor(s) keeps records of all deviations/changes from the approved plans and submit those to the engineer of record to compile into Record Drawings which illustrate those deviations graphically for record.

Routine Observations
Punchlist Report
Record Drawings
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