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The Design portion of the project happens as the construction documents are being prepared.

Site Layout

While working with the Owner or Project Architect, we assist with the Site Layout which includes parking and drive aisles per the local jurisdictional code/authority. Assessing the proper location and impact of needed on-site amenities or requirements such as stormwater detention, dog parks, trash enclosures, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Erosion Control

Once a site is laid out and generally agreed upon by the owner and design team, an iterative process begins where specific elevations are set for the various buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, drive aisles, common areas, stormwater inlets and open channels which constitute the Grading and Drainage design of a project. Once grades are set and the drainage agreed upon by the owner and design team, Erosion Control measures are designed to prevent any sediment from leaving the property during construction.

Site Utilities
Public Utility Relocation
Public Utility Extensions

During the design of every project, Site Utilities must be considered.  These may include public water for both domestic service and fire protection, sanitary sewer, electricity, natural gas, cable television, and sometimes fiber optics.  We will work with the design team to understand the proper loads and then work with the jurisdictional authorities and franchise utility providers to properly depict the alignments for the services.  Occasionally the water and sanitary sewer mains aren’t located on the existing property.  In those cases, Public Utility Relocation or Extensions are required to facilitate the project.  This includes working with the jurisdictional authorities which also includes the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ).

Stormwater Detention

Additionally, some jurisdictions will require on-site Stormwater Detention which serves to slow down the release of stormwater runoff due to the added impervious cover of a property.  Buildings, parking, drives, sidewalks, and other amenities increase the amount of runoff from the pre-developed condition.  A stormwater detention basin, or sub-grade system, provides the necessary volume to successfully detain the design storm and release it at the pre-developed rate.  This is done to minimize impacts downstream of the development.  In all cases the detention basin or sub-grade system have to be released into an acceptable conveyance system or dissipated to prevent downstream impacts.

Channel Analysis or Design

Some projects only address existing drainage issues on a built facility.  In those cases, but not exclusively, Channel Analysis or Design may be required.  The tasks in this analysis includes outlining the drainage area feeding the channel under consideration and then making sure that it’s cross-sectional elements along with the grade of the channel downstream are efficient to convey the required flows.

Street/Roadway Design
Large Development

Some municipal projects (City, County, or State) may be a standalone Street or Roadway Design project. In those cases the scope of work and project parameters will be identified and agreed upon with the jurisdictional authority.  Sometimes street or roadway designs are required as part of a Large Development where public access is required to extend into a large tract or parcel that has been sub-divided.   These projects are generally designed according to the jurisdictional requirements so that they can be dedicated to the jurisdiction for on-going maintenance in the future. 

Intersection Improvements

In addition to street and roadway projects, some municipalities may want to provide Intersection Improvements which increase the level of service for the traveling public, providing more capacity or safer conditions.  The scope and parameters of this type of project is worked out with the jurisdiction as well.

Specifications and Details

Finally, all projects require some level of written Specifications and special Details that are required to show the contractor how to successfully build the project.  These specifications get worked out with the design team, owner, and jurisdictional authorities.

Site Layout
Grading, Drainage, Erosion Control
Site Utilities, Public Utility Relocation & Extension
Stormwater Detention
Channel Analysis or Design
Street/Roadway Design, Large Development
Intersection Improvements
Specifications and Details
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