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Pre-Construction is that phase after the design work has been completed but before construction can start.

Design Team Coordination

Most often the Design Team Coordination is handled by the overall project manager as their scope touches that of all other disciplines. On site development projects, this is generally the developer or lead architect but can also fall into the scope of the civil engineer. This may include milestone check-ins with design team members to review the entire work product and make sure it is buildable and without missing sections. This is beneficial to the owner and can minimize impacts during construction.

Contractor Selection Assistance

Sometimes the Owner would like Contractor Selection Assistance which includes meeting with contractors to understand their capabilities and capacities as well as their knowledge of the project type under consideration. 

Jurisdictional Approvals

Depending on the project team and the location, Jurisdictional Approvals can fall into the scope of civil engineering due to proximity and relationship with the Authority. This includes things like compiling construction documentation, specifications, and applications and then making a submittal to the Authority having jurisdiction.  Also included is the frequent follow-up and coordination between the jurisdiction and the design team and/or owner.

Construction Permits

At the conclusion of the plan review process the Construction Permit is approved and generally paid for and picked up by the selected contractor.  In some cases, the civil engineer assists with submitting payment and picking up the permit depending on the nature and location of the project.

Pre-Bid Meeting
Pre-Construction Meeting

At some point near the end of design or as the jurisdictional approval process is complete, the project is released for bidding by select contractors (private work) or all interested contractors (public work).  The civil engineer is often involved in a Pre-Bid Meeting where the project is fully explained to a group of bidders so that they can more effectively bid the work.  This is done to save the owner from evaluating inconsistent bids.  In similar fashion, once a contractor is selected a Pre-Construction Meeting with the owner and all subcontractors or stakeholders may be necessary to discuss the construction process and any critical issues for the site or surrounding property owners.

Design Team Coordination
Contractor Selection Assistance
Jurisdictional Approvals
Construction Permit
Pre-Bid/Pre-Con Meeting
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